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I Likey

I’m going to start fixing this travel blog of mine. It’s main purpose was supposed to serve as my travel journal, but it’s become a hodgepodge of some sort - but still related to travels…at least. 

I really have bad handwriting you see and my travel notebook that I plan to pass on to my future child (or fave niece/nephew if I don’t have a child) is illegible. Plus it has already aged and peeled (tropical weather ruined the leather hehe). Better to post it here to help me make the personal travel photo book I’ve been trying to do for 2 yrs now (I stopped d/t to personal emotional reasons lol - you’ll see why if I decide to post it here). 

My memory is also fleeting (comes with aging) so while I can still remember I need to start writing. Not all memories are captured by photos. Or can be captured by photos. 

I will attempt to make this more organized, creative, and interesting. Starting with a 365 project. 

Oh help me, God :))

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